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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
The Christian County YMCA has collaborated with Taylorville
Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services to offer physical therapy
sessions in the pool.
The staff of Memorial strive to maintain a high quality standard
of health care service by providing one-on-one attention to help
regain 100% functionality.
For more information on how to benefit from these services,
please contact Taylorville Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation
Services Department at (217) 824-1843.

Rehabilitation Membership Program

Rehabilitation Membership Program
The primary goal of the YMCA is to enhance the health and
lifestyle of people of all ages. Our goal is to provide anyone,
of any age, a month one time membership after being released from
a physician’s care for any of the following reasons: Cardiac
and/or Respiratory Surgery, Major Surgery of any kind, or
recovery from a major accident, illness or medical
complications. The process is simple.
Call the Y for more information, 287-7271.

Walking Program

Walking Program
Enjoy the comfort of walking indoors at the YMCA anytime the
facility is open. This program is open to anyone 18 years of age
or older.
Participants will have access to either the Wellness Center
Walking Track or the Gymnasium Track. Participants will also
have access to the restrooms.
$100 person/session
$150 couple/session
Y-member: FREE
Wellness Center Consultation 
Wellness Center Consultation
A FREE Consultation is included with your membership. We will walk you through the basics of setting up a personal fitness regimen.  This includes cardio- respiratory and resistance training.  You will also be instructed on how to use the various types of machines and equipment in the wellness center.
Appointments will be accepted Monday evening  and Tuesday mornings and other times by appointment. 
Contact the front desk to set up your appointment at 287-7271.
Health and Wellness Fair
Health and Wellness Fair
The Y would like to invite all members and non-members to our annual Health and Wellness Fair.  This service is free to all. Area businesses conduct screenings and refreshments are served.  We hope to see you at the Y.
Wed. March 8

March Mania
March Mania 
Teams of 3 try to score as many points as possible during the month of March by logging workout time in the Log Book found at the front desk. 1 hour = 1 point.  Maximum 2 hours/day can be logged not including additional fitness challenges.  Limit of one  additional challenge/day.  Challenge points are equivalent to amount of time worked out. 1 hour workout = 1 potential point, 1/2 hour workout= .5 points
This program begins March 1 and ends March 31.  Any member age 14 and up can participate at the Y . 3 people per team and the cost is $10 per team.  A $2 up charge per person for size 2XL and up shirt size. 
Cost:  $10 / participant, $30 / team


Location & Building Hours

900 McAdam Drive
Taylorville, IL 62568


(217) 287-7271



5:00 am - 9:00 pm


7:00 am - 5:00 pm


12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.